Days three to five

We moved on to Grant AL and I can heartily recommend this campsite. Again we had a nice spot by the lake but all of the spots had a nice distance between them and plenty of grass and shade. We were a bit further out of town than was practical without Ebikes and I was working during the day so apart from walks around the camp, we did little else.

Nice spot by the lake

There were plenty of birds coming to visit, Loosey Goosey came most days, as did an American Robin and some ducks.

As you can see, the back end of the camper is really close to the water and it was lovely at night to just see and hear the lapping of the water against the edge of the lake.

There were some pretty nice sunsets and sunrises that added some additional color to the lake. This is a location I would happily visit again. There’s a state park about 8 miles away that would have been nice to visit if we already had the EBikes.