Days 6 to 9

New park, this one is near Gadsden Al and our spot is not so great. Very close to other campers and no grass. If we came back, I would only choose the ones highlighted in the map below. Good cell signal but the poorest internet so far.

Map of the park

On Friday, I finished work at 2 and we cycled to Noccalula falls. It was about 6.5 miles away, the last 2 miles were on a gravel trail and mostly uphill. I was very hot and sweaty by the time we got to the top. It was well worth it. The falls are impressive.

We went on a mini hike to the bottom of the gorge, sort of a short cut on the way down, you had to wedge yourself using hands and feet to get down between two rocks. There were people swimming in the river and it was nice and cool with plenty of shade from the rock face. We decided to get back up a less dangerous way and walked a bit further on to find a gentler climb.

The cycle home was a little easier although riding downhill on the gravel was a little scary for a non mountain bike rider. We were both pretty exhausted and dinner followed by rest was the order of the day.

This morning we looped the park twice, it is a very pleasant walk with Heron, turtles, some flowers and lots of boats in the river

This afternoon we walked into town. Rob was hoping for a tour of the local micro brewery, Back Forty Beer co. But due to covid, they are not doing tours. As we walked back through the main street, I spotted a yarn store, woo hoo. Not only was it a lovely store but the owner used to belong to my spinning guild. Such a small world sometimes. Walked back stopping to look in at a bike store and books a million.

Also passed this fellow stopping for a rest at the side of the river

Tonight we were treated to a very nice sunset when we took the dogs out for their final walk of the day