Farm layout

Aerial view via Google
Aerial view via Google

The property sits on a south facing hillside, mostly surrounded by established deciduous trees. There is approximately 2 acres of good Bermuda grass pasture to support the alpacas.

Area 1 is subdivided into two with a shelter and hay storage building. It is perhaps our most challenging area with regard to pasture growth and soil erosion.

Areas 2,3 & 4 are fenced pasture areas that share re-configurable access to the main barn/shelter. The header photo is taken from the bottom corner of area 4.

Area 5 is good pasture but is not fully fenced.

Area 6 is a flat, dirt covered paddock with a shelter in the centre. At one point there were horses on the property. We plan to turn this fenced area into a vegetable garden.

Area 7 is a lake that has been formed by damming the valley. It will be interesting to see how the water level varies throughout  the year and whether I will be able to use it for irrigation.

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