Testing Betsy on a longer trip day 1 and 2

We left home on Saturday, this time for a longer trip, we want to see how easy it is to manage without a sperate vehicle, just our bicycles. Ebikes are coming later in the month but these are just normal hybrid road bikes. We left on Robbie time so our 12.30 departure was just after 1.30. First camp is in Cave Springs Georgia, not too far from home probably about 70 miles. The campsite is about 2.5 miles outside of the town and we have a lovely spot right by the river.

I learned yesterday that asking the question 3 times, “have you got your swimming trunks” does not guarantee that they will actually make it into the RV. So the first order of the day was to try out our cycling skills and go to town to buy some. Will have to think of something else to ensure a yes really means yes.

This morning we thought we would give Kayaking a go, so after signing up at the camp office they drove us to the launch site 5 miles up the river. First time for both of us and it was a lot of fun. We were both exhausted after the 2 1/4 hours it took us to row back. Mr Rob managed to get sunburnt on his legs but it was a lovely peaceful outing. We saw lots of turtles, ducks, a lovely heron and plenty of other birds. Not a sound to be heard other than the sounds of the birds and the water rushing in places in the river. I managed to get caught on rocks a few times but was able to get off them without leaving the boat.

This afternoon we cycled back into town for a more leisurely look around and to sample some of the local ice creams. The town is located on the historic trail of tears route and there was a building in town with a plaque saying that is was the Vann Cherokee house but a google search for more details sounds like it disproved that https://www.northwestgeorgianews.com/rome/news/local/core-samples-at-cave-spring-cabin-indicate-it-may-not-have-been-built-by-cherokee/article_ac51a85a-23f2-11e7-b339-3b5a4057e1fd.html

Back at the campsite – should sleep well again tonight and tomorrow we leave for our next site.