Betsy’s Maiden Voyage

2 weeks ago we decided there was no time like the present and we bought the Motor-home that we have been wanting for the past year. We spent some time learning all the bells and whistles that it has and fitting it out with the essentials so that last Saturday we felt ready to try it out.

We have friends that live down in South Georgia near Oglethorpe on a beautiful property but more importantly, they are already set up for additional RV with full hook up. For those not into this strange new world, that means electricity, water, and sewer. We decided to drive down avoiding the I 75 so not exactly back roads but definitely not the main highway. It took a little longer but was so much nicer and we were not in any rush. Here is Mr. Rob driving, Travel Foxy looking forward to the adventure and the dogs deciding to share one dog bed rather than have more room, although the whole insides are much larger once the slides outs are done.

She drives very well and is really comfortable although at 35ft long 13.6 high and 25000lbs she is a bit of a gas guzzler. We maybe get about 10 miles to the gallon. Here she is in all her glory, parked up next to their 5th wheel.

The property was even more beautiful than we thought it would be -100 wooded and landscaped acres with a stunning 5-acre fishing lake. Not a sound to be heard other than the birds. We were spoilt and had some great meals topped off with venison sausage on Sunday morning that has been produced from deer caught and shot on the property.

The lake was teeming with catfish, bream, and bass, we also saw a giant turtle and OMG a snake swimming across to the bank on Sunday morning. Our hosts assured us that if the snake puts its head below the water it is not poisonous and if it stays on top it is. Sorry not buying it, as far as I am concerned if it puts its head below water it’s still poisonous but also super smart. It came onshore and this time they were right, it was a king snake and they eat the young of poisonous snakes so they are good to have around. Well, that’s what people tell me. I have been in Georgia for 7 years and I still believe that every spider is a brown recluse and every snake is a cottonmouth and treats them accordingly. The dogs were oblivious to everything but loved it there, happy dogs that love to camp.

Sunday afternoon we drove back through some really lovely scenery its mostly farmland so we drove through acres of corn, peanuts, pecan groves, and peach trees. We stopped at a farmers market and had some delicious peach ice cream. Great weekend, Betsy did well, the dogs were fine with it all, so what’s not to love about it!

I will leave you with a final look at the property and promises of more adventures to come.