Day 4 Orlando 

We left St Agustine mid morning after a quick stop at the mall to buy a new dress for the little one and some shorts for me. We made good time until we hit the outskirts of Orlando and then we were in the typical traffic that they always seem to have around the park area. Just after we arrived at the hotel there was a heavy downpour with thunder and lightening so we were very lucky to miss driving in it. The hotel is really nice and themed on a Hawaiian Island.  So they presented Alana with a lei at check-in.

Our room wasnt quite ready so we sat in the lounge and I taught Alana to play rummy. She of course had managed to pick it up quite quickly so we will be playing a lot more. It helps pass the time between adventures.

Not long to wait till the room was ready and of course Missy quickly picked the bed that she wanted

Once the rain stopped we went over to city walk which is the main dining and entertainment area. It was only about 5 mins walk away and we had a good look around so the we could plan for the future. In one of the stores it seems that zombie alpacas are all the rage these days!

We went off to play a round of crazy haunted golf and clearly there is something special about the 17th hole as Alana managed a hole in one again! She is really doing very well for a beginner and we had a good laugh. The course was very well done but more Scooby Doo horror than anything more sinister,

Time for dinner so we shared a pizza and then we walked around to the Portofino hotel so I could show her what fake Italy looks like. Before we walked back to our own hotel

When we got back to the hotel, the lagoon pool was still very busy so we had a mad dash upstairs so that Alana could get her swimming costume on and go play in the pool till 8.30 of course she managed to make friends with some girls her own age and had a lot of fun. We are off to the park at 7 tomorrow as we have early admission tickets for the wizarding world of Harry Potter,