Day 3 Rrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties

Today was pirate day, after breakfast we went back into the town. Started the adventure off at the pirate museum which is reputed  to have more actual pirate memorabilia than any other location globally.The tour guide was dressed in authentic costume complete with long flowing hair and a Scottish accent, he was also very informative. They give the kids a treasure map and they have  to find 12 hidden drawers in the museum and write down the code word. Alana found all 12 and was able to pick her “treasure”

Off for an early lunch and then onto a game of mini golf. Alana managed a hole in one on the 17th, woo hoo 

We then made our way to the highlight of the day, a trip on a pirate ship. I had bought the coin waist band at the Renaissance festival some months ago and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for her to wear it.

We boarded the ship and got ready to set sail

Just before we left, Captain Hook and Blackbeard boarded the ship and stole our treasure.

Once we were at sea, Alana and the other children were taught how to sword fight.

This was followed by singing some sea shanties and some face painting.

Oh no look who is coming after us, it’s Captain Hook and Blackbeard in another boat and they are firing canons at us 

Luckily when they tried to board again the kids were ready for them and fought them off.

They were also able to regain the treasure chest and they all got a share of the booty.

Before we left the ship we had time for one last picture with the crew 

All in all it was a great day.

Only read on if you are not squeamish, I got bitten quite a few times on the legs by yellow flies (thank goodness they did not bite Alana) well they have reacted quite badly. Hopefully they will get better soon. Off to Orlando tomorrow.