How difficult could it be? 

While in the Uk I will be attending a formal event with my sister and a long frock will be required. As usual I left everything to the last minute and found a dress I have not worn for at least 15 years, good news is that it still fit but……… It was a showing more of  ” the girls” than I really feel comfortable about these days.

No problem, I remembered seeing racks of them near the door in Dillard’s. So after 3 days at my spinning retreat and dressed in jeans, t shirt and hair in a ponytail, I headed to the store.

My first bad omen should have been the sizes, all odd numbers, but it was swiftly followed by the assistant asking if I was looking for my daughter. All these dresses were clearly designed for young ladies with no bust and legs that go on for miles. So a 5ft 2 inch woman had no chance. I was then directed to an area where there were a few options for the rest of us. There was one rack for petite but I would have needed to have been as wide as I am high to have them fit me. Sigh! 

There was a light at the end of this dark tunnel, I did find a dress to fit ( well as long as I wear some killer heels) and despite the lack of interest from the assistant who probably thought I was wasting her time. It is now in my possession. I shall go to the ball.