Retreat is not for cowards

I owe this title to Peyton’s daughter, when Peyton told her that we were going to a spinners retreat, she announced “you must all be cowards because you are always retreating” 🙂 

So Friday lunch was the start of our annual adventure, about a dozen of us met at a Mexican restaurant in Covington before driving onto the Charlie Elliott wild life center for 3 days of spinning and great company. The place is very nice but has zero TV, phone, and cell phone coverage, which I guess means you to to get to really de-stress after I managed to stop stressing about people not being able to get hold of me.

There were about 40 of us at the retreat, most of us staying at the center for the weekend but some that just came during the day. 

It is so much fun to just be able to sit, spin, knit and chat with such a friendly interesting group. Also the variety of wheels fibers and other equipment that people use means it is always eye opening to walk around and drool over  look at what they are doing.

We have some excellent cooks in the group so despite the 3 meals a day that we get at the center, we also had a fully laden snack table. My personal favorites this year were the chocolate brownies and Penny’s shortbread. 


I was sharing a room with my really good friend, Linda and that was nice. I enjoyed getting the time to just chat and relax with her. 

Brenda was learning to knit mittens Saturday night and was able to blend the advice from 4 of us and get the best of all worlds. Which I think is one of the hallmarks of the group. Everyone is so supportive of others efforts.

I was able to spin 4 ounces of Polworth and silk, the green on the left and 2 ounces of Yak and silk, the grey on the right. 

Then with some great support and encouragement from Leslie Bronson I was able to learn to spin cotton on my E-spinner .

What a great weekend.