So long since I blogged – next few will be a catch up

First lets start with visitors, at Christmas time my two favorite girls came over from the UK. We had a couple of days at the farm and then took a road trip to Disney Orlando. We were very lucky with the weather and soon found out what a dare devil Alana is. Very little interest in the autograph hunts but made it her mission in life to get us on every ride, some were really scary.


alice terror space DSC08309 DSC08295 DSC08250 DSC08177 DSC08156 DSC08134

After they went back, my daughter sent me these lovely gifts, one to remind me of out trip and the other to celebrate my birthday.


My sister came to visit with Ian and Callum and we had a good time eating hiking and our usual things. Next was my Aunty Hazel who came to visit for a week before going on a great trekking holiday over in Utah. It was lovely to see her and get to spend some real time together. As I was working, Rob was able to take Hazel to see some of the sights we have close by.

Here is a picture of Hazel helping Rob with his bees  IMG_0886

Next was Mike and Julie, Julie is Rob’s cousin and it was wonderful for the two of them to relive childhood memories and share stories about the family. Mike had also led a very interesting life and both were a dream to have as guests, On one of the Sundays we went into Atlanta and visited the art museum. It was a fun day with some great photographic exhibitions. and these amusing chairs at the entrance.


In June Rob was going back to the UK to see his granddaughters and new grandson – he made these great posters to announce the trip.

IMG_0654 IMG_0655

When my sister found out that I was going to be all alone on the farm she booked a flight out to come help — Yeay Good job too, as the weather was in the high 90’s so the work was very hard. Thanks Kat !DSC00245 another one that Rob roped in to  helping him with the bees