Lets talk about the bees

So apart from getting multiple guests to help with the bees, we also had to contend with a swarm. this happened while Hazel was visiting and she got to see the spectacle of me holding a ladder while Rob climbed the tree and tried to shake them into a bucket.

IMG_0744 IMG_0746 IMG_07482015-05-06 12.41.02DSC00246

But we were rewarded with one of the hives producing 12 frames of honey for us. what you have to do is shake off the bees and bring it into the house. Rob then cut off the cops of wax and we put them into a spinner 4 at a time to spin the honey out of the combs.

DSC00313 DSC00314 DSC00316 DSC00315


once that part is completed Rob puts the frames back into the hives for the bees to rebuild. and we pour the honey into a filter system to drain out any bits of wax.


We ended up with about 41/2 gallons which we decanted into jars ( well apart from the pint that Rob kept eating)