From alpaca to yarn

So after the shearing and the removal of second cuts and guard hairs ( thicker fiber around the outer edge of the blanket) I wash my fleece in the bath. This is on rinse three and is supposed to be white 🙂 you can only imagine how much good old Georgia dirt came out in the prior washes.


After washing and then air drying I use my Pat Green Triple picker to fluff out the fiber and pick out some more of the dirt. Then I put it through by Strauch manual drum carder this creates my first Batt



I then break this batt into strips and put it through my electric Pat Green Supercarder.



After that I either keep them in batts or I use a diz to pull off roving from my carder.



Using my Hansen E Spinner i spun a thin single then created a ball to then ply it into lace weight yarn. Wind it off onto my niddy noddy before washing it and getting even more dirt out. I then hang it up to dry with a weight hanging in the bottom of the skein to help to set the yarn.