Good Things Come to Those that Wait

Saturday morning, some new friends that Mr Rob had made at Bee club came to visit. It was very nice to meet Mr Hal and Miss Sherry. They had a good look at the Alpacas no signs of any more new arrivals. The men went off to look at the bee hives and apart from a few stings on poor Mr Hal ( he was not wearing gloves) it was pretty uneventful.

They offered us 3 stray kittens that had adopted them — they will arrive early next week – pictures to follow….. Later in the afternoon Mr Patrick brought his sister and Miss Claudia over to see us ( well see the Alpacas really ) Saturday night we went out to dinner at a friends house and a great evening was lubricated with a few glasses of wine. Those that know me, understand that 2 glasses of wine is actually a lot for me.

Next morning I was feeling a little “delicate” so Mr Rob did the morning farm feed and clean up. After a lazy breakfast we were just on our way out of the door when the phone rang. It was Miss Nikki, she had just looked at the pacacam and we were having a cria!!


Mad dash to change back into farm clothes and off we went to the barn. There it was head and feet sticking out of No Doubt’s butt. We stood by and watched while she did a great job of giving birth to a really cute little boy, pure white and about 17 lbs. It was so much fun to see all the other Alpacas willing her to have it then trying desperately to kiss and smell the new arrival.

SONY DSC photo

We will be calling him Cumulus – 30 days late but worth waiting for. Just need Miss Sadie to get her act together.