Two down, two to go

Miss Lynne had to leave early this morning for her trip north. Before we left for the airport she had a word with our pregnant girls to see if they could delay any birthing until her return. Although she asked sweetly, it wasn’t to be.

I'm up mum!

I’m up mum!

I returned from the airport run, completed the delayed morning routine by around 9.15 and then had some breakfast. Just after 10, Cagney and Lacey were bugging me to give them a run out. They can be most insistent. While outside I thought I would quickly check on the the pregnant girls and to my complete surprise Miss Elegance was fussing over a new born cria. Mother and baby were in no distress so I was able to calmly walk the dogs back in and collect towels, warm water and iodine from the mud room.

Yes, I think this is my best side

Yes, I think this is my best side

Elegance simply does not live up to her name. She spits and kicks and always pushes herself to the feed bins – all of them. I’m afraid she lived up to her reputation in childbirth also. She dropped her little one right in the middle of the poo pile. Good job that I had cleared it only an hour before. No harm done though and she cleaned up fine with a bit of warm water and plenty of towels. She is a spirited little thing which made putting iodine on the umbilical less that straightforward. Mum wasn’t too pleased with me but it has to be done.

Elegance looks on with pride

Elegance looks on with pride

The little one soon found control of those very long legs and made equally quick work of finding the milk bar. I’m not quite sure what colour classification she falls under. She has some black, some grey, some brown and that lovely white face. She’s a pretty little thing and no mistake. Miss Lynne and I just have to think of her name.


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