Not a Good Week

I would have liked to use the term “roller coaster” but that implies highs as well as lows and we have yet to have those.

My Favourite Alpaca boy, the gentle giant, collapsed on Thursday. I was away and Rob had to get the builders currently working on site to help load him into the trailer and off to the vet’s. The fear is Meningeal Worm which attacks the nervous system, unfortunately there is no test for it and so you just have to treat for everything and keep your fingers crossed that its not the case.

We have seem some improvement and he can stand for periods of time and walk around as long as we help him to get up, Vet is coming back tomorrow so we will know more then.

On top of that the house sale in NY has collapsed again. So annoyed after nearly a year we had 2 buyers, one could not complete for 3 months and the other was a cash buyer. So we went for the cash buyer, only it seems they misrepresented their financial position and have a property to sell first, So we are back to square one.

Our blogs up till now have been full of the joy and adventure that moving to Georgia has brought us, so I hope you will forgive me for venting in this one.