Cuter Than an Alpaca


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Arrived Saturday morning, picked up the rental car and had a moment of panic while i reminded my brain how to change gear and drive on the other side of the car.

Off to Kidmore End to pick up my daughter and grand daughter then a long drive to Wales. My mum was definitely pleased to see us all !! I was hankering after good fish and chips from the chip shop and so that was on the agenda for dinner.

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It was nice to see the coast and also the bluebells in flower out in the woods. Just wish the rain had held off for a few more days. On the Sunday I went to visit an old friend that I had lost touch with about 25 years ago. We have know each other since I was 12 so plenty to catch up on and a lot of shared history to reflect on. Back to Kidmore End on the Monday.

My daughters house is very small and so I stayed in the Pub in the village. Alana decided it would be fun to stay with me and she was right we had a hoot. Tuesday we went to clear out my old house ready for the sale completion on the Wednesday – Thanks to the help from Ricky and Carol. They also brought Ellie May with them and Alana and Ellie had a great time tearing around the garden pretending to be witches. Trip to the park on Wednesday where we met some of Alana’s friends.


Thursday we went to Beale park – which has a few animals and some more play areas – in the afternoon I had to go walk the money from the sale through the process to get it over to the US, which was just as painful as I thought it would be.

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Thursday night dinner out with Alana and Sarah and then said out goodbyes – all trying hard not to trigger the tears in the others and all failing miserably. At least they will be over to see us in the US in the Summer.

Flew out Friday with very mixed feelings – clearly miss family and friends but I have to say that America and especially our place in Georgia really feels like home now. I was very happy to wake up there on Saturday morning and just spend time with the all of the animals.