UK Here I Come

I am sitting at the airport, waiting to board a plane for the UK. I have very mixed feelings about this trip back. I am, of course, really pleased to be going to see my Daughter, Grand daughter and Mother. But I am also going to clear the last things that remain in my UK home as I have now sold it.

I took so much less time that we thought, we had a brief conversation about putting it up for sale when the next rental period came up and then just a week later we got an email to say there was 2 months left and did we want to sign up for the next 2 years.

A quick call to the estate agent to assess the market only to find out that we had a very popular location at the moment. The local school is riding high on the league tables and everyone with school age children were looking to move into the area.

Within half an hour of putting it on the market we had a firm offer just above asking price. Although my head knows this is the right thing to do, my heart is not quite sure what to think. Its been a strange year so far. Really looking for it to settle down a bit.

Anyway as I started this piece I said the thrill of seeing the family will over come everything else. Be prepared to be bored to death for the next week with lots of pictures from dear old Blighty.