Big Barn Cat

Well I hope this month has finally dealt it’s last body blow. I’m sorry to report that Big Barn Cat has uttered a final meow.

Wednesday morning BBC greeted me at the door just like normal; tried hard to trip me up as we walked to the barn as normal; scoffed a bowl of kibble and cried for more as normal. At 10.30ish BBC joined me as I gave Cagney and Lacey a run out, then took up a favorite position right in the middle of the driveway, soaking up a little sun. Later, when I had to drive out to the feed store, I assumed that the little devil was just being awkward by not moving for me. I jumped out to give some encouragement and it soon became clear that Big Barn Cat was no longer with us. Just passed away in that favourite sun spot. So sad.

Big Cat in her (lately) favorite spot

Big Cat in her (lately) favorite spot – taken a while ago

1 thought on “Big Barn Cat

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms

    Oh, Lynne, so very sorry – you’ve had a rough patch, for sure. If BBC had to go, I’m glad he just went to sleep in his favorite sunny spot. Big hugs to you!

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