A Busy Weekend for Both of Us

A late flight back Thursday and a quick pit stop at a fast food emporium. Friday after work I settled down to finish off my  alpaca spinning. Still not quite got the hang of plying. its either too tight or too lose. Ah well, practise practise practise!

2014-02-09 13.35.14

Saturday I spun up the mystery batt of the month that had arrived. It was called Aurora Borealis and it was really pretty, a mix of many different fibers but it spun up very nicely.

2014-02-09 13.35.35

I decided to make some little boots for a friends baby daughter – the suede is a kit but then I knitted the tops in alpaca and stitiched it into them. Very soft, warm and cute.

2014-02-09 13.35.01

Mr Rob was very busy as well — he has installed a web cam in the barn, so now i can check in on my little darlings any time I want to.

Now I can keep an eye on my girls and send Mr Rob "top the hay up" messages
Now I can keep an eye on my girls and send Mr Rob “top the hay up” messages

I can move the camera around from either my PC or my phone so I can see what they are up to. Sunday I had to leave for work a day early but in order to myself buy on the flight I have started off another pair of socks. I love knitting them and they are so easy to carry around.

2014-02-09 16.44.06