To every snow cloud there is a silver lining

Tuesday we were told that there was a yes another snow storm coming to Connecticut (where I am currently working Monday to Thursday) sure enough by Wednesday morning there was a good 10 inches of snow with more to come.

2014-02-05 11.27.06 2014-02-05 11.27.20

Going to the office was out of the question so we all planned to work at hotel. Apart from a quick break lunchtime where we all met up in the lounge for some pizza, i had not left the room. I was going stir crazy.

Then I got an email from one of the team to say he had located a night time ski resort within 25 minutes of the hotel. To make it even more appealing, his girlfriend was the same size as me and was offering salopettes and ski jacket. Woo Hoo, three of us set off and sure enough great ski resort 25 minutes away. I hired skis and boots and we hit the slopes. The guys were both snowboarders but we were all able to get down the slope at about the same time, so no hanging around. The conditions were fab – plenty of powder snow, about 30 degrees and no wind.

2014-02-05 20.41.52 2014-02-05 20.42.06

For one or our runs we were able to be the first people down after the snow plow – perfect groomed powder. Perfect!

So much fun — thanks both.