I’ve been busy installing a PacaCam so Miss Lynne can check out her girls while she is in the frozen north.

Update: Pacacam2 is now available!

IPCam Client

Take a look if you would like.

Pacacam1: Just go to in a web browser.

Pacacam2: just go to in a web browser
user: visitor
pw: visitor

Note the instruction in blue. Click on the link to download the required plugin.


Typical when you first try. Installing a plugin differs from browser to browser …… just ask Mr Google, he has the answer.

Once the plugin is installed, go to  or once more

User name = visitor password = visitor

There are also apps for Android and iPhones  –  quite a few of them.

Pick one that handles “Foscam” cameras. The model we have is FI9821W

If you are a techie and using a media player like VLC or Mplayer, you can open this stream: