Easter eggers

Went through our normal morning routines, Rob cooked up a large pot of sweet potato mash, our contribution for our lunch hosts. Final check around before we left and one chicken was no where to be seen. No feathers or any other signs of predators, hmmm maybe it was an eagle? Anyway nothing we could do so off we went for lunch.

Lunch was a real fun event, Jane and Norman plus all their children, grandchildren and friends. Norman showed me his vintage phone collection which is really something very special.

Good food, great company and a nice glass of wine. Perfect.

Left early evening and when we got home the missing chicken was out the back of the horse ring, no idea how she had managed it. It took Rob and I a short while to get at her and get her back in with the rest of the gang. We had a good laugh when we went up the other barn, there tucked behind a flake of hay was an egg. She must have heard about Easter egg hunts and decided to break out and hide one for us.

Anyway all’s well that ends well and we are happy everyone is safe.