Today we had planned to clear all of the ivy out of the front garden, not my favorite plant at the best of times but this had really taken over the whole area. Luckily the weather was dry and sunny so we were able to get a good early start.

Here is the garden before we started as you can see there is no room for any plants at all, all though a few brave ones were trying to poke their way through.

With a lot of hard work we were able to get a good start on it by lunchtime.

Quick lunch, grilled Stilton and tomato on toast with a nice cup of tea and a mini magnum as a treat then back out to finish it off.

Man it was hard work but we were able to clear it all by about 4pm.

It’s looking much better already and those bushes smell like they are probably jasmine. Time to feed dogs and cats, treat the chickens to say thanks for another 2 eggs and make sure the Alpacas are ok. I scooped the paca poop and then came in to make dinner.


We are both exhausted and barely have strength to get off the settee this evening, but we feel really good about checking off something else from our list of jobs.