More New Crafts

I am trying to stay on top of my quilting projects but also expand my horizons with other crafts. I am sure it will help me with the art side of craft.
My beading supplies arrived so I was able to try my first lessons. The explanations and diagrams were really clear.

looking forward to the next lesson. I posted a comment on Quiltvile’s quips and snips about having too many projects and no deadlines to motivate me and she very kindly emailed me some sage advice. So after months of just looking at it, I loaded my blue and white quilt onto the frame.

I am doing a very dense design in the white parts using Qbot and then a light freehand design in the blue parts. Its going to take a lot of hours but it will feel good to finally get it finished.

While the Qbot parts are stitching, I have been doing some work on the Pineapple Blossom quilt from Bonnie’s class. It uses up some of my scrap fabric. There are more squares to add and I will also add sashing.

Something else I tried this week was drawing zentangles, they are a lot of fun and for someone who is very drawing challenged, this is a good outlet for my need to create.

Tuesday I had a class on creating a table runner based on cotton theory quilting method. I took the class at Quilters Attic and was really pleased to be able to get so far that I was able to finish it when I got home. Its reversible and I am really pleased with it. It has great texture to it, I feel inspired to get out one of my other UFO’s which is the Charleston Quilt from cotton theory 2. That one has been a long time in the cupboard.

Thursday DH and I went down to New York City for the day, we took the train to Penn station and our first port of call was a huge photography store to lust after all the great stuff. we then went off to walk the latest stage of the high line that has been opened to the public. It’s an old train line that used to run about 30ft above the ground and it has been converted to a great garden area with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view. it gives you a different perspective on the city and is well worth the visit.

After a nice lunch we went to Moods fabrics (of Project Runway fame) it is such an amazing place and even DH was impressed by the range of fabric that they had in there. Even more surprising was when DH pointed out that Mundo the runner up from last years project runway was standing at the counter, not bad for a man who had no interest in the show !

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