Finished my Rug

Rug hooking is a lot of fun and very restful, well certainly at the level of designs I am working with and this will be something I can do in the truck when we are hauling the RV on one of our trips. I am a terrible passenger and can drive my DH nuts when we are, in my eyes, hurtling to an early death on the highway ( he just calls it driving). Anyway regardless of whose point of view is correct, if I am not looking out of the windows, it makes for a more peaceful trip for both of us. I am looking forward to starting another one.

Wednesday I was reading things on the Internet and came across this website I had a look at their class schedule and took a fancy to the bead embroidery class. I like crazy patch quilts so I could embellish those but I also like small hand stitched projects and beads could add some pizazz to those as well.

So I have signed up and ordered my supplies. Lesson one was on Thursday, I have read it through and it is very clear and easy to follow, just need to wait for the supplies to arrive before I am able to try out the techniques.

I am sitting here with so many projects I should be getting on with but with no time pressure it is difficult for me to pick one and get on with it. This is not helped by the fact I know I have plenty that have been UFO’s for long enough and they should be my first port of call. I commented to this effect on and Bonnie very kindly sent me an email with some sage advice, which I will try and follow. I will let you know how it goes on

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