Allatoona Lake – Georgia

We got up early and were ready to leave the RV park in Virginia by 7 am. We had only got 2 miles down the road when we stopped at the traffic lights only to fine the brakes on the RV had locked on and we could not budge.

Luckily Rob was able to reboot the system ( see even in the world of RV – if you have a problem, reboot ) and we were on our way. This is the longest journey we have done together in one day in the RV. We stopped three times but still made very good time and pulled into the camp at Allatoona just after 5. Honey Bunny did not get a sister but she did get ears, arms, pants, bobtail and a dress. photo

We have been here for 10 days and have had a really great time – we are about 30 miles from Paul, Robyn and the girls. We were sorry not to miss Blake, who is currently cruising the Med. Lucky Boy!PICT8077 P1010959

We have had a great time relaxing at the camp walking the dogs around the lake interspersed with trips over to the Pinto household where we got to swim in the pool (yes dogs as well!) trips out for some retail therapy with Robyn, incredible food ( with care packages for the RV for the days we were not visiting ) even a trip to Church on Sunday. Needless to say we were made to feel like part of the family and had a great time.

There have been some strong thunderstorms here but they have been a welcome relief as the weather has hit the high 90’s on a few of the days.



We are looking at maybe buying a piece of land on the brow of lookout mountain in NE Georgia – so we also went up there to have another look and see in in the summer months. Rob and Paul went up there on Sunday and took some great views which minus a few tree tops will be the view we would get out of the windows. There is a ledge about 100ft back from the brow so we would look to build the house on that and have it as a architectural feature of the basement.



They also found the remnants of an old homestead on the land – it will be great to keep it and use the chimney as an outdoor fireplace. We should get a metal detector up there, I bet we would fine some interesting things.


Today Monday 28th we are going to move the RV to a camp park near Dillard NE Georgia.

Below just a few of the animals we saw and also motor biking for dogs !

P1010958 PICT8069 P1010955

P1010995 P1020002