Shenandoah Valley and Skyline Drive

Monday we packed up our RV and left Lancaster county to drive down to Waynesboro Virginia, Some 260miles. We stopped at a truck stop to get some lunch (They are the only places big enough to haul in our 55ft of body length) its really funny to see us in amongst all the Lorries and to realize we are the same length- Must take a picture next time. We arrived at the campsite running on diesel fumes as Rob had insisted we did not need to fill up at the truck stop, that made his heart race a bit 🙂

It meant I got to do a lot more of my knitting, here is Honey Bunny’s current status. That’s her legs body and head done P1010947

Last night we took a trip to the local Walmart – they had a RV section so we were able to stock up on a few things  then off to Mickey D’s to use the free wifi. Rob takes me to all the best places !

This morning the weather is hot humid and very cloudy but we are only here for one day so we took off for Skyline drive and the Shenandoah National Park. It was really beautiful and I can only imagine how much more spectacular it would have been if the weather had played nice for us.PICT8049 P1010944

On the way up to the Byrd information centre we spotted a hiker looking for a lift to the next highway. He had been walking the Appalachian trail since March and had arranged for a fresh lot of supplies to be delivered to Elkton before he continues on his way up to Maine (another 3 months of hiking). The trail is over 2100 miles long and runs from Georgia through to Maine. It has long been an ambition of Rob’s for us both to walk this at some point. Me, not so keen ! but we may do it some day. It is not the distance or the time, although they are not making me super enthusiastic. Its the fact that you have to sleep out overnight and carry your tent and food with you – there are stretches where you spend days not passing any form of civilization.  I took a picture of Rob on the trail just in case it was his only chance P1010940

Tomorrow we have to be up and out very early as we are planning to drive 550 miles down to Georgia. That is our longest trip to date and there is a strong chance honey bunny could end up with sister after probably 12 hours of driving !!