So much time – but where does it all go !

I thought not working would give me far more time to do “stuff” but in fact after working so many years the lack of structure to the day means I am actually doing less ( including writing my blog) . But… this is my new start. We decided on Tuesday to pack up the RV and hit the road.Late Thursday morning we started the first leg of our journey, down the 87 through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Our last 50 miles were on minor roads through local communities slow but very pretty. I spent most of the trip knitting a bunny for Alana, I worked out on our last trip that if I am focused on something other than the road and Robs driving it makes for less “discussion”. I managed the legs and the start of the bodyP1010912

Our Campsite is small and quiet and nestled right in the middle of the Amish farmland. Beautiful rolling fields with farm buildings sprinkled as far as the eye can see. In the farm right next to the campsite, the farmer spent all day on Friday turning the hay in the field, he was using a horse drawn plough to do it. What a great way of life, if it was not for all the many hours of praying, I am sure I would make a good addition to the community and Rob should be a shoe in given he wears the same clothes everyday already..When I was based in Latvia – the fields there were all tended by hand. I was imagining trying to explain to them that the Amish are doing it out of choice not because they are too poor to buy motorized ploughs. P1010894

Those of you that know I am an avid quilter these days will also understand that this is a fantastic place for us to visit. We drove through all the backfields yesterday to a barn right out in the middle of the countryside filled with quilting fabric — over 12,000 bolts YEAYYY. I was reasonably constrained, I bought about 30yards of fabric and 30 fat quarters. The fabric was about 2$ a yard cheaper than I normally pay and then they gave me an additional 20% off as it was my first visit. Rob took the girls for a long walk while I was in there. One of the local girls was sitting outside the store with a table of home cooked cakes. The double chocolate cup cakes were delicious. P1010924

We drove on down to a town called Lititz, famous for its chocolate factory ( Wilbur’s) there was a museum there so we had a quick look around but given how hot it was outside we resisted buying any. Then took the dogs for a walk in the local park. They were a little disappointed to not be allowed in the lake with the ducks.we rounded out the visit there with some home made ice cream. Further on down the road we came to the main town for this area, Lancaster, we parked up and I took a stroll through the central market. All of the stalls are owned by the local farms so we were able to buy some great aged goat cheese. Fresh lettuce, new potatoes peas and miniature peppers. i also treated myself to some almond butter and rhubarb and strawberry jam. As we were walking back to the car we saw a shop selling all things British so we took a quick look, I bought their last box of oat cakes and Rob reminisced with the owner who came from Lancaster England some 30 years ago. P1010904

Tomorrow we are going to Bird in Hand, Intercourse – where Witness was filmed ( movie with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis) and Strasbourg.