September went sooo fast !!!

We started with a bang, Sarah’s 22nd birthday a move into a new home and Alana starting a new nursery. Add to that all the training courses she is doing and life is definitely changing.

Back here in the US it was labour day on September the 4th and I took the Friday before off so that we could have a nice long weekend. Although I spent the Friday running between my long arm quilter and my embroidery machine not sure what part of that counted as a rest ! except for the fact it was very satisfying finally getting the chance to finish some of my projects.

On the Saturday we had a lady come to the house to help train the dogs, we very quickly realised it was not the dogs that needed training but us and after about 3 hours she had us working the right way and sure enough the dogs were doing just what we wanted them to. She also taught Rob how to clip their nails without inflicting injury and left us with a pile of homework to make sure we did not go back to our bad habits. Sunday we met Gil and Sarah at the dog park and proudly displayed our new found skills they were not as impressed as we would have liked!

Sunday night was great, we went to our very first “drive in” movie. Gil and Sarah came with us and helped us not to stand out too much by guiding us on where to park and what to do. We watched 500 days of Summer which was a lot of fun. We will definitely do this again in the future.

The following weekend we finally got the chance to try out the Fifth Wheel – we booked a space at a site about 10miles away just to make sure we could get back home if we had any teething problems. We arrived on the site at about 6.30 on Friday evening and thank goodness everything worked in the trailer and we were able to settle in very quickly complete with the dogs. We were also really surprised to see that Brian from the office was on the site opposite. We had a really nice weekend, very relaxing and we had some fun looking at the early halloween stuff that Brian had added to his site.

We packed up on the Sunday and took the trailer back to the storage location only to find that the electronic lock was not working. We spent a very interesting 45 minutes trying to manoeuvre the 40ft trailer into a parking spot – I think at the last count, it was probably a 32 point turn but we did it and then went back the next morning after they fixed the lock to store it properly.

This weekend we have had beautiful weather – but Autumn is arriving very fast. We walked the dogs up to Sam’s point and then went to buy some plants, pumpkins etc. to create a nice little Fall tableau on the front door steps ( when in Rome do as the Romans …… 🙂