Musings from a small town

Three weeks ago was the start of the little league season ( Baseball for children) and the town centre was closed for an hour to allow all of the children to march through, followed by fire trucks, emergency medical, local park rangers and the police. It was great to see the town come out to support them.

We have had a few new businesses open up recently including a very nice cafe and bakery. Hopefully this will encourage more people to stop in the town and not just drive through.

I spent a week in Irvine California at a sales training course 94 degrees of blue skies, very nice. Aaron drove us to San Clemente and Laguna beach, they are both worth a return trip. On the Thursday I went to see the Angels play the Tigers ( Major League Baseball ) we were in a corporate box so we had plenty to eat and drink, it was a lot of fun.

The puppies are growing at a rate of knots and are costing us a fortune in toys, food and vet bills. Cagney is a real tick magnet with her long fur so I booked them both to get clipped and bathed. Little did i know that I actually picked a doggy day spa. Dropped them off at 9 in the morning and they spoil them all day, collected them at 5. Cagney looks very grown up with her new cut. Cagney and Lacey got their own mail today, from the doggy day care to say welcome 🙂

Saw my first Turkey Vultures last week, they really are ugly looking creatures. Not sure I was keen on them licking their lips when they saw the pups!!
BOB flew to the UK on Friday so that he could find a car for Sarah and sort out some other things. I am exhausted, the dogs are getting me up at 5.20 and running me ragged all day. It has rained constantly and the dogs are stir crazy. I will be very glad to see him back later today.