Cagney and Lacey – so much news in so little time

Well I finally convinced the “bob” to let me get a puppy and what does he go and do…… tells me to get two!
So I would like to present the latest additions to the Fox family, obviously the fluffy blonde is Cagney and the more mature dark one is Lacey 🙂 Cagney is a Golden Doodle and Lacey is a rescue Lab mix. they very quickly bonded and are inseparable.

We are very lucky and they are sleeping through the night and have quickly established a pretty good routine that revolves around food, pooping and playing with lots of sleep in between. Not too many accidents so far.



We thought Cagney had a heart murmur, which is why the breeder let us have her at a reduced price, but we took them both for their first visit to the vets yesterday and what ever the issue was, seems to have sorted itself out. Who knows we may have the basis for a best seller on our hands Cagney Lacey and The Fox’s ( not quite the same ring to it as “Marley and Me” but Rob says I am better than Jennifer Aniston)

Cagney and Lacey brought the spring in with them as well. The weather is starting to improve and we now have our first daffodils in the garden. Also we have Daziel and Paxo (oops sorry I mean Pascoe) the wild turkeys back in the garden for their daily constitutional. They are probably the babies that we saw from last year. No sign of the old ones yet. It is really interesting to work out where they have been over the winter. According to the websites they are not migratory so they must have been holed up deep in the mountains avoiding the thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners and now feel OK about being seen again.