Spring is so nearly hear

Almost but not quite. The leaves are beginning to show but it will be another week before we can be confidant enough to take up the snow markers on the drive. The weather has been undecided for this last month. We haven’t had snow for ages and it has cleared from the back garden quicker than last year. Winter doesn’t want to let go. There will be nice sunny, warm days and then freezing cold. The poor plants are quite confused.

One freezing Friday evening, just as it was getting dark, Rob heard an odd noise coming from the front garden. It was the sound of a very sorry (cold and hungry) cat. I was in the kitchen and was very surprised to see the boofy old bloke leading our new best friend in. I didn’t know he had such a soft spot for animals. He said it was too cold out there and anyway, the coyotes might get him. Cat made him self at home right away, while Rob made enquiries with the neighbours and went to fetch food. Well he ate well and loved every minute of his stay but it soon became clear that he was free loading and had a perfectly good home somewhere else. He only came back for the food, perfectly groomed after a night away. Tart! He soon stopped coming when he knew he was rumbled. Lovely looking cat though.

Talking of cats ……. Sister Kat(rina) has been visiting. Her and Iain had a conference to attend and combined it with a short holiday. Iain went straight to work and Rob met Kat and Catlin at Newark airport. Catlin stayed with us for a couple of days while work had to be done. Rob did not want Caitlin to feel left out on the work front and made her earn her keep by clearing leaves in the garden and serenading him with the Oboe. It was lovely to see her again. She’s looking so grown up these days. We were treated to oboe practice each day (very good too) and she managed to wear the old boy out on a walk around Minawaska Lake and Gertrudes Nose. He slept so well that night …….. she can come back and take him for walks more often.

We traveled up to Mt Tremblant to meet up with Kat and Iain at the apartment. The road is one that I am all too familiar with as I have to go up and down every few weeks to visit our Montreal office. Rob drove the truck with all our gear in the back “Clampet” style. We arrived at around 7pm, just in time for food at one of the many eateries. A lot of effort has been made to give the resort a European ski village feel. You know it’s not real but is a good effort. Lots of shops, bars and food places. We even got Rob to “enjoy” sushi.

Weather conditions weren’t ideal so we took a relaxed approach to skiing. Rob managed to get a few photos of us on the slopes. Catlin is doing really well and is in great shape for her school trip next year. I watched her following Rob down the hill and she was doing parallel turns without thinking about it.

Well, if the skiing wasn’t the very best then we more than made up for it with other activities. I finally got Rob snowshoe walking! We all went out on an organised walk from the top of the mountain all the way back to base via a sunset meal at a mountain hut. The second part of the walk was by the light of 30 head mounted lamps. One or two of the group were more relaxed on the second half!

It was all over too quickly and we were soon on our way back south. Iain had to continue on to another meeting in Canada so Kat and Catlin came back with us for a few days. We stopped off at the Lake George outlets for some retail investigation (it’s part of my job … honest) and got home at tea time. It’s nice to get back to your own bed, don’t you think?

The next day I had to go in to the office but Rob looked after the girls until the afternoon when he brought them into meet me. We went off for another round of retail while he went on a boys trip to see the NETS basketball meeting in New Jersey. It was very good, he said.

Catlin was very keen to take Rob for another walk. Especially when she found out about the “Lemon Squeeze” scramble Rob and I had done last year. Fortunately the old boy had recovered from his last one so he took Kat and Catlin on the hike to the top of Sky Top at Mohonk Mountain House. They all enjoyed a beautiful spring day, getting back just in time for food at a local Italian restaurant. Yummy.

So while Rob and Kat packed the ski gear in boxes, there was just time for Catlin and me to make up a tote bag that she had taken a liken to. We went into Pine Bush and chose some material. It didn’t take too long to cut and sew. She had something special for her carry on when Rob drove them back to Newark airport. It was lovely to see them all again. This looks like becoming an annual event. Well we hope so — we are also looking forward to a Fall hiking trip