Another month, invasion and trip across USA

Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last post. I can hardly believe that we are coming to the end of summer. Some of our trees are turning an autumnal red and the nights are decidedly chilly. Day time is still very warm though at 70/80s (25 -30c).
I’m writing this from my hotel room in Montreal before I fly off to California on Wednesday. I’ll be back home on the east coast on Friday night so it’s another hectic work schedule.

A lot has happened in the last month. I got very close to packing the old boy’s bags after he took me on a Sunday afternoon stroll on our back yard mountain. It all started nicely with a pleasant walk through the trees at the Mohonk Preserve, on the old carriage road that follows the base of the cliffs. We continued on towards the Mohonk House Hotel on our way up to the sky top look. What the buffy old bloke didn’t tell me was that we were taking the direct route. It starts as a scramble over big boulders and ends with a verticle climb up a a crack in the cliffs, called “the Lemon queeze”.
Ok, there are ladders to help but ………..

Great views from up there though.

I was speaking to Rob this morning and he tells me that it seems very quiet around the house now that Georgia, Indya, Claire and Lee have gone home. He’s been busy sorting out the place out and looking for all the bits and pieces that were left behind. It was lovely to see them all and I think they enjoyed their holiday. ……. especially the splash pool, the hot tub and the icecream parlour. The funniest moment, for me, was Indya brushing Rob’s hair and pointing to the top and saying “granddad’s hair’s poorly”. From the mouths of babes.


We had trips to the city and to the Ulster County Fair to see the bull riding.

Granddad did have fun teaching Georgia to use the lawn tractor. I think grumpy grandad is a little greyer now.

The latest wild life.