Golden Oldies Week One

It’s been a great week. A house full of oldies! just time for a very quick blog update. I have been trying hard to juggle work stuff to allow me some time to be with them and we’ve had a good time. Lots of tea, lots of talk, catching up and laughs. The local super market and the wine store want some advance warning of the next visit!

Right on queue, the wild life came out to play and we now have two sets of turkey chicks. The humming birds really don’t worry about us being around and just come to feed when they want ….. all the time. New arrival this week has been a plague of Japanese Beetle!

Two notable excursions were taken. The first to the home of former President FD Roosevelt. The home was surprisingly modest and something of an old Victorian style interior. The Library is in a separate building and houses an exhibition that could keep you interested for hours.

Later in the week we took a boat ride down the Hudson from the Newburgh waterfront, past the George Washington HQ, Bannerman Island and down as far as West Point. A very relaxing time.

Very sadly I had to say goodbye to Mum at the airport on Saturday. It was so lovely to see her xxxx