Oldies – further adventures

I’m sitting up in Montreal reflecting on and resting after a packed fortnight. It’s been wonderful to have a house full. Thanks to both Mums, Tom, Gill, Liff and Gill2 for the pleasant company. We both hope you come back soon. Here is the gang under the watchful gaze of Christopher Columbus. We were waiting for the boat to take us up the Hudson as far as West Point.

In the second week we took a trip to visit West Point. They were getting ready for the next intake. The Bus carried us around the various buildings and locations of interest. I hadn’t realised the emphasis placed on engineering skills. The place is really a military university although our tour guide seemed mainly interested in the sports achievements.

It’s a lovely setting with gorgeous views of the Hudson. You can see why the location was so sort after during the War of Independence. The view is looking North.



Evenings were a study in outdoor living. Dinner on the rear deck after drinks on the front porch. Of course there were more drinks with dinner ……… the local wine shop know us well now!

Mum and Gill sample the Margaritas.



Of course no visit would be complete without a trip to the outlet centre (unless you are Rob). A good shopper can do it in one day. A really good shopper needs two!!



Niagara Falls is only 350 odd miles away and I let Rob take the oldies out for a trip. They arrived in time to see it at night and went back for a daylight view. By all accounts, the road trip was very scenic.



The weather behaved very nicely to give two rainbows.

The excitement was a little too much………..

So ….. at the end of the week, Rob drove the oldies down to the city for the a weekend of sight seeing before cruising back on the Queen Mary (the oldies, not Rob). Rob dropped off the rental and journeyed back on the train and I met him at Beacon station. We went off on our own trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island. Friday night was a gig with the Doobie Bros and Chicago. Well we are getting on a bit. They were very good especially the last 20 mins when they all came on stage together to do a medley of their best numbers.

On Saturday we visited an old mill site that is supposed to be the birth place of the industrial revolution in America. Rob said it was really interesting to see all that pirated textile machinery (yawn). He took lots and lots of pictures………..

On Sunday we took a leisurely drive down to an area called Mystic Seaport. It’s a site devoted to remembering boat building and life on the coast. Rob was in charge of the camera again but took no useful photos ……… what’s he like?