Big trip to Big sky – Pre Prep alongside Day 1 and 2

The plan is to head towards the north and then west. But as those that have RV’s know, if you have not used them for a while then many things need doing. For us that was new step motor, new engine battery and new tap assembly for the main bathroom. All installed by Rob alongside a massive clean up operation.

There were things that we had to finish off around the property including Rob shortening my life expectancy by scaring me to death when I saw him roll the ATV down near the woods. Thank goodness to years of riding trials bikes, he jumped off in the opposite direction and apart from my scare, no harm was done.

Friday was a busy day as we carted everything out to stock the RV with everything we think we need. Saturday morning we were up early with a planned leave time of 9.30 but with all the usual last minute items and also trying to refresh our memory on hooking up the car and we were off at 11.

We like to avoid highways and understand this will take us much longer but it is fun to see all of the small towns and different countryside. First stop is going to be a Harvest Host location (its an on line membership where you can stay at over 5500 locations around the US) some are free and some like you to buy things at their site. We chose the Bean Creek Winery in Manchester TN. Given that there.was a road diversion that added 40 miles to the trip, we stopped at a Truck stop to top up the Rv and disconnect the car. For those that ask why we don’t use the RV for weekends, maybe this answers the question. We probably drove about 250 miles and the image below was the cost to top us back up

The Harvest Hosts generally do not have any facilities to hook up to RV (electric, water and sewer) but we can go between 3 and 5 days just on the RV’s own utilities. So as you can see the parking was pretty basic. Off we went into the winery, the intent was to have a single glass of red each and then dinner and an early night. But…………… the owner came to chat with us and had us try some other wines and also how much different they tasted in the right glasses. So two very inebriated people inhaled burgers (veg burger for me) and bought 2 bottles of wine to take with us and 2 expensive German wine glasses. Doh! As many people know, neither of us can hold our drink and so it did not take much and we both suffered during the night with a bad head and very thirsty. The wine and the winery was very nice and so if you are traveling north on the 24 I recommend you stop in.

Next morning we headed to Paducah where we intend to stop for the next few days, found a lovely RV park that is really nice and quiet. The plan is to visit “Land between the Lakes” and also downtown Paducah.

And now something for the crafting crew, as most of you know, I have been indulging in many cross stitch projects lately. In fact I have not picked up my knitting needles since November 2022 and the mystery shawl debacle (don’t ask!) Anyway, its always good to have something to keep me occupied while Rob is driving and letting me loose with a sewing needle while to RV rattles around is not going to work. So I packed a knitting project that I started sometime ago, no, not the infamous shawl, and it has worked out really well. The pattern is called the Beekeepers quilt and it was designed to use up all your sock yarn odds and ends. But I bought a box of Scheejps Catona cotton some time ago there are over a 100 of these mini balls in the box and each one can create 2 of these hexies. You knit them with sock needles, I like these flexi ones by Hiya Hiya and you are knitting the complete pouch as you go, just before you cast off, you stuff them and at some point I will join them together. As its all knit stitch I don’t need to look and you are casting on to the widest point and then casting off, so just enough concentration required to keep me engaged.