Day 3 and 4 – Paducah KY

Our campsite is lovely, very quiet and close to the the things that we wanted to see. One of the things we missed was the fact that the campsite is right next to a drag racing track. That’s on our bucket list to go see live one day but clearly not this week as it is only at weekends.

We drove over to the Land Between the Lakes state park although I have to say, every time I say or hear that name, I imagine myself in some 1950’s B movie with a swamp monster coming to get me. It’s an interesting park, it has various things to do and also has a number of themed campsites. So there is one for off-roading, hunting, equestrian and water sports to name just a few. There are also places to stop and see different activities. We went to the Wild animal area, not a lot there but all are rescues and all are well kept. Rob took the Bobcat pictures.

Next we drove through the enclosed Elk and Bison prairie and we were warned that the better chance to see any animals would be early morning or late evening and so we were pleasantly surprised to see the Bison and to get really close to one of the Elk’s

We stopped at the Golden Pond visitor area which also has a planetarium but we were there to see the exhibition that talks about the history of the area. Then we drove down to the Homestead, all the buildings are original buildings moved into the area and they also have staff dressed in authentic clothing and demonstrating the various crafts at certain times of the week. Top to bottom of the park is probably about 50 miles and the bottom part runs back into Tennessee. One word of caution, is that the only food available is limited snacks at the various stops, so be prepared and take your lunch with you.

Tuesday we drove into the historic downtown area and walked around the Main Street and along the wall of Murals (for Brits of a certain age, you will understand the urge to call them Muriels!) I found a crafting store, oh ok I had already checked on line before coming here. It is the World of Crafting, and sometimes referred to as Global Artisans. it has a real mix of everything needle based from felting to embroidery. I was quite restrained and just bought a small piece of linen and some buttons to add to my cross stitch. After a very good lunch at the German Bakery, we went to the Quilt Museum. They were all modern quilts but the craftsmanship was amazing and it is well worth a visit.

We did a 5 mile walk on the Greenway there to counterbalance all the sitting we are doing while moving from location to location. Back to the RV and some gentle stitching for me. Tomorrow we are off to Labadie MO staying overnight at a Brewery.