Week 2 of isolation

Hey it’s fiber foxy here, first I need to start with an apology it’s being pointed out to me that I live in the south and therefore I should refer to my people as Miss Lynne and Mr. Rob. So I will correct that going forward.

We are very lucky that we are all able to access a 2 1/2 mile walking trail, straight from the house. We can spend an hour or in the fresh air with no people, no cars and no houses in sight. Every day this week Miss Lynne and Mr. Rob have gone out for a walk and they tell me that it makes them feel much better and happier with life. Today I went with them and at the beginning of the walk we passed Mr. Rob’s bike trail. The picture below is me sitting on Mr. Rob’s large ramp that he uses for trail practice.

We are also lucky that we have enough room in the house that they can spend time apart. Mr. Rob likes to watch 10 hours of news a day and Miss Lynne thinks that’s really depressing. Miss Lynne likes to watch murder mystery’s like Midsummer Murders and Mr. Rob thinks that’s mindless froth that has no bearing on reality. Miss Lynne says yes and that is exactly why she likes it. Anyway they can both go to separate rooms and spend time apart and then come together in the evenings and watch programs that they that they can agree on like number nine on the BBC and DCI Banks plus they watched a really good documentary last week about a guy called Jason Able they said it was really interesting. OK that’s all for now, as my first name is fiber, I guess I should stay with Miss Lynne while she knits, spins and watches her mindless froth.