Botanical Gardens

A Day trip to the City

Hey, it’s Fiber Foxy, here again, I did not get to go to the Botanical Gardens with Lynne and Rob yesterday, they were muttering something about “the abundance of caution”. But they came back and regaled me with stories of their day.

Arrived pretty early at the gardens and paid to get in, Lynne took some great photos that are posted below and was saying that they reminded her of home. Seems the daffodil is the national flower for Wales, news to me! They were a little disappointed to find that they were not informed at check-in that the greenhouse with the Orchid exhibition was shut, as was the food concessions. But that disappointment grew when at 11.30 the gardens decided to close and ask everyone to leave (no refunds offered)

To make the best of the day, they decided to go for a walk in the nearby Piedmont Park and were pleased to see how busy it all was. There was a crazy juxtaposition in Atlanta, a distinct lack of cars but lots of people out walking and enjoying the day. There are at least a few positives with the current situation!

They assure me I can go on any future trips and I am also looking forward to Lynne getting some of her many crafting projects at least started.