ABC – Alana Bats & Cookies

Alana is such a happy little girl, and pretty easy to keep happy. She is content with her own company yet perfectly happy to mix with others. Listening to her giggling while watching some of her videos on youtube is very comforting.

At last, we were able to get a better picture of our bat, he is doing his best to eat as many mosquitos as he can. Between him and the chickens they really are keeping the bugs under control.

Visiting Bat
Visiting Bat

Yesterday we had a baking day, Alana helped me make butter cookies, they are embossed with Alpacas and some were made alpaca shaped as well.


We then made strawberry and rhubarb crumble ( crisp ) Mr Rob’s favorite.


Alana and I went to the cinema to see Finding Dory even though  we already found her yesterday at the Atlanta Aquarium. We might have stopped off at a Dairy Queen beforehand for a mini blizzard ice cream but shh don’t tell Mr Rob.