Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Just over 2 weeks ago, Mr Rob was working in the barn and when he went up to the hay loft to get some more hay down he found that the chickens had been hiding their eggs up there. There was about a dozen eggs all in the same nest and clearly from different chickens, although the Dominique was keeping them warm. The weather was too hot to consider eating them and so we decided to put them in the incubator and see what happens.

Surprise, surprise, last night 4 of them hatched. Given how soon this is, there is a chance that more of them may hatch during the week. We have had to get the chick tub back out and Mr Rob is off to tractor supply to buy chick food.

Sort of makes up for the 6 adult chickens that were taken by foxes, dogs, coyotes or what ever predator felt brave enough to come during the day and pick them off this past 2 weeks.  This also means we have stopped letting the original Chickens free range all over the garden and now have them in a large enclosed area attached to the back of their coop.

DSC00451 DSC00454