Road Trip day 2

Started the day with waffles for breakfast then off to St Simons Island. The weather is terrific 88 degrees and blue skies. We parked in the pier village then walked along the seafront while waiting for our trolley bus tour at 10.30. It was great to see the pelicans along the pier.

2014-10-12 09.10.03 2014-10-12 13.42.10 2014-10-12 09.33.18 2014-10-12 09.09.52

Promptly at 10 the trolley arrived

2014-10-12 09.45.28

Trolley tour was very interesting, a tour of the Island and narration about the history and geography of the environment. The tour was about 90 minutes and we were back at the pier just after 12 noon. Lunch at Palmers cafe and a browse around the local shops.2014-10-12 11.23.21


In the afternoon we drove over to Jekyll Island and boarded a boat for a dolphin tour. We saw plenty of dolphins, sea birds and groups of people shrimp netting. At one point we even saw the fin and top of a small shark.

We sailed up through one of the channels and then back through to the Atlantic where we were lucky enough to see a fishing boat really busy with trawler nets, much to the excitement of the birds around it looking for lunch.

2014-10-12 15.35.05 2014-10-12 16.21.26 2014-10-12 16.48.44 2014-10-12 16.56.12

On the way back we walked around the historic district and saw some of the older houses more of the amazing trees they have around here.

2014-10-12 17.37.57 2014-10-12 17.48.06

Drove back to the hotel via a Starbucks so we could get a decent cup of tea then an early night to plan for tomorrows adventure.