So much for “Hotlanta” ….. it’s blinkin’ freezing. I woke up this morning to the predicted 8f (-13c) temperature. Brrrrr,

I had taken some precautions to help the animals cope. I’m pleased to say they all seem to be taking it in their stride. I built a hay wall to give the ‘pacas a little more shelter from the cold wind. I think they see the benefit in more than one way.

The girls warm up

The girls warm up

The sun is shining and the sky is clear even though it’s well below freezing. The alpacas are enjoying themselves in the pasture. Some take any opportunity they can.

Grabbing some rays on a 10f day

Grabbing some rays on a 10f day

The chickens polished off a big bowl of oatmeal (porridge) and the two barn cats have been seeking out the sun.

I’m staying indoors with a constant supply of hot tea!

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