Christmas – over for another year

The day started very well, Mr Rob had got up early and lit a log fire so when I came in from feeding the animals I was greeted by a lovely warm living room and pretty flames licking up in the fireplace.

After a leisurely breakfast we started to get Skype calls from the UK, great to speak to family. But I have to say one of my highlights was not only getting to talk to my daughter and granddaughter but also seeing in the background that my daughter was following a fine old family tradition.

When she was little and money was a little spare, I saw a picture in a magazine of a branch minus its leaves decorated with pretty lights and Christmas decorations and thought what a great idea. Killed two birds with one stone, saved money and looked stylish and so the legend of my “Christmas twig” was born. It was the source of much laughter and tales over the years.

I was thrilled to see that she had taken Alana out to choose a branch and decorate it and so keep the tradition alive.

Midday we drove up to Alpharetta to have a Christmas buffet lunch with friends. There were over 20 people visiting and there was an abundance of good food, fine wine and great company. We have enjoyed our first Christmas in Atlanta and we are now waiting for my sister and her family to arrive tomorrow. I am also going to have another weaving lesson tomorrow with the wonderful Miss Linda. I think we are going to start placemats.

Hard to believe but on Saturday we will have been the proud owners of this property for one year and also the official owners of our first 5 alpacas,6 chickens and 3 cats.