We have had a baby……….chicken

About 3 weeks ago one of the chickens was broody so we decided to let her sit on some eggs, not really expecting anything to happen. Today I was up in the barn and i could hear the cheep cheep of a baby bird. Cant believe that we actually had one hatch. Ran back down to the house to tell Mr Rob and then quickly onto the internet to find out what we should do.

Best suggestion was to separate Mother, eggs and chick from the rest of the flock. We set up the dog crate ready for them, managed to move the eggs and the chick but it took mother a while to realize she needed to move, much to the consternation of the little chick who was leaping up and down calling to her mum. I now wonder how many more of the eggs are going to hatch. You can just see the little head sticking out from under the mum. Good girl little Ameraucana..