Finding a way to their hearts

I have been trying to make the two newcomers as welcome as possible. They still need to be segregated from the rest of the herd until we are sure they are used to each other. Magic is clearly led by his stomach so as long as I have food in my hand he is happy.

At last the weather has warned back up a bit and there has been a break in the I went out to the barn to give the alpacas a spray down on their legs and bellies.  I am always pretty popular when I do that,  but I was pleased to see it was also the way to Kloud’s heart. She was blowing kisses onto my cheek all the time I was spraying her.

Finally finished spinning and plying the fiber from Sally, and here it is all washed and dried. I just need to decide what to knit with it know, I can’t wait.



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