Lunchtime hike

I spent the morning sewing, pictures to follow in a future blog. Called my mum to see how she is. Always fun to talk to her and catch up on what she is doing. After a lunch of our fresh eggs poached on toast we decided to go for a hike out through the back of our property again. Our alpaca girls were busy sunning  themselves as we walked around the sides of their pasture.


Either that or they were rolling about laughing at the fact that we were off for  hike on such a hot day. Our dogs were slower than normal as they were also feeling the heat a bit, but they were still happy to be out walking.  By the time we got into the cover of the woods we were dripping with perspiration. In the woods we were treated to some stunning fungi we really need to get a book to identify all these different types. We have seen so many different types in and around the property.



When we got back home I put the fans on and have the alpacas a good hose down. One of our chickens is feeling broody, it’s one of the Ameraucanas, so we have given her some eggs to sit on, let’s see if anything hatches.

Late this evening I got a special delivery, my Pat Green triple drum carder arrived. I am going to read all the instructions while I am flying to Denver tomorrow. Really excited but also nervous to use it.

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