A busy Saturday

I decided to go have a look at the peachtree spinners guild, something I have been meaning to do since I moved down here. They meet once a month in Decatur one of the Atlanta suburbs only about 45 minutes from home but just seemed to always have a conflict. I arrived just at the start of the meeting after an interesting 3 mile detour because Ponce De Leon was closed with downed trees, the excessive rain in Atlanta is wreaking havoc on the trees this year.

There were about 30 ladies and one gentleman there, which I understand is typical for the summer months, but during the winter there are usually at least double the number of ladies and about 6 men. They were a really friendly bunch and it was fun to see not only some of their spinning but also their other fiber creations.

I spent a very pleasant 3 hours chatting and spinning. Talking to one lady that has 5 wheels, 6 weaving looms and 6 sewing machines and another lady has 20 wheels! These ladies take their crafts very seriously. I don’t feel so bad about my purchases now. I will definitely aim to go back next month.

Quick turn around at home and back out again with Rob to go and have dinner with the PMX crew at the Miller’s Union in NW Atlanta. The drive in off of the 285  takes you through one of the more run down areas of Atlanta, then a complete change after going across the traffic lights into a newly renovated area with lots of good food places and music venues, including the best hip hop venue in Atlanta. The restaurant was excellent, actually co owned by a Brit with a British waiter to serve us. The menu varies each week by what is in season and I have to say it was delicious. Our host ordered some good wine to accompany the food and the conversation flowed. It was a very nice evening.