Gifts from New Zealand

My best friend from the UK was an absolutely amazing lady called Toni Marr. She is one of those people that truly add color to your life. So easy to talk to and my husband loves her as well. She taught me the joys of quilting, well maybe just the joys of buying fabrics! We shared many a long hike together as well as some great shopping trips. As Toni worked for American Airlines and I had air miles coming out of my ears with all my work travel, we were able to have a great weekend in New York and another in New England. Of course both trips included plenty of walking, shopping and laughter.

When I first arrived in the US I had about a 2 weeks notice and was only able to take what I could carry so Toni flew out with me and made sure I could find supermarket etc in the local area and then drove around for the weekend looking at areas to start looking for houses in.

A year after I moved over here Toni fulfilled her goal and moved back to New Zealand, next door to get parents, where she was able to build her own dream house. I have been out to see her once and we are really looking forward to Toni, Gillian and Toni’s parents coming over here next year.

Anyway that was a long story just to say I got a great surprise in the post yesterday, some beautiful hand painted fabrics posted from New Zealand by Toni. We are also hoping to catch her on Skype this weekend, there are not many times that we can talk as the 14 hour time difference makes it a challenge. We love you Toni !