I am on a retreat

Well sort of, there is a yarn shop that I sometimes buy from called the Loopy Ewe and every year they have a virtual knitting camp. For each of the next 3 months they nominate a project, for June it was lace weight item of 350yards or greater. There is a Ravelry group that is set up for it and because there are so many of us, they have 5 virtual campsites. On June 1st you start knitting and share your progress on line with everyone else who is part of the event.

Its a great opportunity to see what others manage to think up doing with the yarn that they bought. I also got an unexpected benefit, Sally from Rivendale farms in Colorado, spotted that I have Alpacas and reached out to me and we have been conversing by email ever since.

So I decided to knit a dusky rose shawl in Alpaca and silk my first challenge was that of course I had every size needles except the ones I wanted. I decided as it was a lace shawl that I could get away with one size smaller.  So sat down to cast on knit about 40 rows then spotted my deliberate mistake and had to undo them all. Good job I am on a retreat or I would have got mad and confined it to the UFO basket. I put it away for the the evening and then started again on Sunday morning. Managed to at least pass the spot that i got to the day before and decided to take it with me when I went to meet the Sunday Spinners. I was not able to do to much more as I am still at the point of needing to concentrating hard and I could not do that and talk to the other spinners.

I am on my way to Minneapolis today with work and will take it with me so that I can knit in the hotel in the evenings. I will update the progress when I get back home on Friday.